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CleanMyMac X is only for Mac but here’s its Windows cousin, CleanMy® PC. It has made millions of PCs around the world speedier.
If yours is slow and often crashes, check CleanMy® PC out.
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How to speed up macOS Catalina

  1. 1. Clean up hard drive from useless files
  2. 2. Uninstall hidden apps and malware
  3. 3. Get rid of old caches and free up RAM
  4. 4. Disable heavy memory consumers
  5. 5. Or better, leave it all to CleanMyMac X

The only way to get a fast, perfectly working Mac in under 10 minutes.

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How to speed up my Mac to get more done?

CleanMyMac X has got all the tools to tune your Mac for maximum speed. It lets you free up RAM to make your Mac less laggy, manage Login Items & Hung apps, and disable Heavy CPU consumers. Download CleanMyMac X to start optimizing your Mac.
Download CleanMyMac X
Free up RAM
Maintenance scripts
Hung apps
Login items
Processor usage
Heavy CPU consumers
Launch agents
Malware removal

Nanette Janko

CleanMyMac is the best program for keeping your Mac clean and happy. My Mac is 9+ yrs old and runs like a new Mac all thanks to this amazing program. Would not be with out it!
Mableton, Georgia, USA

Ira Steinberg

I found over 60 gigabytes of junk clogging my HD and my processor speed. After one cleaning with CleanMyMac 3 I'm seeing faster speeds and a whole lot of newly released memory. Truly great product.
Cambridge, USA

Harry Fremantle

If anyone has a mac that is really slow, try this http://macpaw.com/cleanmymac. Genuinely helped me speed up my macbook pro sooo much
Fulham, London

And it doesn’t just speed up, it cleans too!

CleanMyMac X uncovers up to 74 GB of hidden clutter on an average Mac. These are old downloads, iTunes and Photos junk, user cache, localizations etc. You’ll be getting tons of free space back, folder by folder. A built-in cleanup Assistant will give you tips to clean up and speed up your Mac. Now your computer can breathe freely.

Download CleanMyMac X
System Junk
Large & Old Files

Get back to day one performance

Keep your privacy private

Fully clean your browsers,
online history, and chat data.
Delete outdated wi-fi connections.

Get rid of unwanted apps

Speed up Mac by removing apps hanging in the memory. Erase unwanted apps and all their associated parts.

Monitor your Mac’s health

Always know what’s going on under the hood. Control Login items, add-ons, processor load, battery health,
and tons more.