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CleanMyMac X is only for Mac but here’s its Windows cousin, CleanMy® PC. It has made millions of PCs around the world speedier.
If yours is slow and often crashes, check CleanMy® PC out.
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CleanMyMac X

Discover what’s taking up your disk space

●        Visualize your entire storage
●        Find your long lost folders
●        Clean up massive piles of junk
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15 million

See your Mac through the Space Lens

The Space Lens tool in CleanMyMac X builds an interactive map of your drive. Play with colored bubbles of different size to spot the largest space wasters. Explore the subfolders to quickly delete junk. It’s like taking a journey deep into space.

Get to know your storage better

Space Lens will reveal a lot about how you use your Mac. You can better organize your storage and delete junk that has been hiding in plain sight.

Scan all your drives

Flash drives and external drives are also supported.
 Review the unneeded downloads, pictures, podcasts, and things that take up the most space.

Free up space without guesswork

You don’t need to waste time searching for
a large file that is safe to delete. Space Lens
is your new Finder.

Don’t worry about system files

We’ve protected the system files so you
can’t delete any critically important
folders by mistake.

*Testing conducted using MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016) with 512 GB of storage.

What Mac experts say
of Space Lens in CleanMyMac X

My surprise was to discover a folder called “iDrive Downloads” taking up 3.55 GB. And perfectly illustrates why this app is so useful. I had assumed that gigabytes of data were gone, and they might have been there for years before I realized. But they are gone today because I ran Space Lens.


There are several Apps available for the Mac that show what
is on your hard drive and allow you to remove junk stuff. However, the value to me is that Space Lens is in the same App which I use to do most of my Mac maintenance. It is fun and easy to use.


This is super handy tool. With the help of Space lens you can quickly identify large files and folders on your Mac's hard disk or SSD.


*Many thanks to our users for allowing to post their reviews.

*Many thanks to our users for allowing to post their reviews.

How to use Space Lense

1. Download CleanMyMac X
(free edition)
2. Click Space Lens tab
3. Hit Scan

What else you can do with CleanMyMac X

Uninstall apps completely

Remove useless applications, along with all leftover files. That will save you tons of space.

Remove malware

Detect and neutralize malware threats: viruses, adware, worms, spyware.

Clean tons of unseen junk

Remove up to 74 GB of junk, including large hidden files, old updates, caches, broken items, and more.

Protect private info

Clear your browsing traces, saved passwords, chat history in Skype and Messages.

Free up RAM

Make room for ongoing processes in a click and let your apps breathe freely.

Fix hung apps

Quit frozen apps instantly to get rid of spinning wheels on your Mac’s screen.

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